About the Spokane Wa area

Spokane Washington is a great place to live. The affordable cost of living, quality school systems, and vibrant arts and culture scene are just a few of the characteristics that entice new residents.

Is Spokane a nice place to live?

Yes! Named one of Livability's Best Winter Vacation spots, and a Best Winter City, Spokane offers nearly unlimited choices of things to do. You have all the economic issues, such as reasonable housing, and the less expensive cost of living, and the quality of life is extraordinary here.

Spokane is a very nice city and is very beautiful and there's a lot to do in Spokane. There's indoor activities, lots of restaurants, outdoor activities, dog-friendly places.

You can also expect all four seasons in Spokane area, providing a variety of recreational activities throughout the year.

What is Spokane famous for?

Spokane is the economic and cultural center of the Spokane metropolitan area, the Spokane–Coeur d'Alene combined statistical area, and the Inland Northwest. It is known as the birthplace of Father's Day, and locally by the nickname of "Lilac City."

What is a person from Spokane called?

A person who lives in or comes from Spokane, Washington, is known as a Spokanite.

Where does the name Spokane come from?

Spokane's first residents were Native American. From the Spokanes, we get our name, which means “Children of the Sun.” Spokane became an incorporated City on Nov. 29, 1881, encompassing 1.56 square miles. Back then, the City was known as Spokane Falls and had 350 residents.

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